Personalise your bottle

As we produce everything in house, we can personalise your bottle of Sir Chill for any occasion, or include your company's branding. Choose your favourite Sir Chill product or go one step further with a gin personalised to your own tastes. Personalisation is available from a minimum of 120 bottles. 

for you


How we work

You ask us and we’ll look into the possibilities. At Sir Chill we love to go one step further. Taking our rectangular bottle as a starting point, we will work with you to come up with a great result. We’ll get down to work based on your preferences and add the decoration, text and look and feel that you envisaged.

Why choose personalisation?

Unique gift

There’s no better gift than something made especially for you. Want to put a smile on someone's face?

Special occasions

A wedding, a business launch, a thank you for customers or employees: there’s always a reason to treat someone.

Flavour and aroma

We’ll put our experience to good use and create a gin to match your tastes. Always unique and outside the box: success guaranteed.

Interested In personalisation?

A unique gift? A bottle with your branding? Or a gin made especially to your tastes? The Sir Chill team are ready and waiting to help. Message us through our contact form below.