The story of Sir Chill



Bart Notenbaert and Jurgen Demeulemeester are two Belgian cigar lovers from Wevelgem, West Flanders. They set out on a journey around the world, looking for the finest tobacco. As BEST (Belgian Exclusive and Special Taste) creators, their mission is clear: to combine the aroma of tobacco with other flavours from all around the world to create unique drinks with ingredients from every continent. 

Under guidance from experts in the field and based on their own knowledge and 25 years of experience, Bart and Jurgen developed the first Sir Chill Gin over the course of two years. What seemed at first to be mission impossible soon turned into a successful search for the unique flavour combination Sir Chill Gin is known for today. Bart and Jurgen’s passion resulted in an outstanding product with a perfect flavour balance.

Try, combine, taste and refine. 
Sir Chill is gin to its perfection.


Recognisable yet unique

Sir Chill drinks are never boring. The tobacco plant extract is combined with a hint of vanilla, mandarin and almond. The combination of plants, fruits, nuts and spices creates a unique and complex flavour explosion that’s instantly recognisable.

At Sir Chill, every detail is just right. From the purified flavours to the sophistication of the label and packaging. Even the rectangular shape of the bottle makes you think of a cigar case. So a nod to the origins of these drinks is never far away. The gins are the result of our love for our craft and our ingredients. From the tobacco plant to your glass.


Why Sir Chill?

Original aromas

The tobacco plant has never been used as the base for a range of drinks before. With our many years of experience, we decided to take on the challenge and the results are fantastic.


Our drinks are the result of intensive development and attention to detail. Each bottle is finished by hand at our own workshop.

The world in a bottle

Vanilla from Asia, nuts from Africa, mandarins from South America and tobacco from the Dominican Republic: ingredients from all around the world come together in your glass.